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Pick Up and Delivery Service

To set up your pick up and delivery service, simply call us

at the nearest location, stop in, or sign up online. 

New Delivery Customer Sign Up

Thanks for signing up! We'll contact you soon.

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Sanda's Cleaners Delivery Bags

When you sign up for home delivery service, we will provide you with 2 complimentary bags that will contain your specific instructions for the general care of your dry cleaning and laundry items with an ID card. Simply leave your bag out by 8:00AM. 

Delivery Schedule

You can choose to have your clothes picked up and dropped off once or twice a week. If you forget to leave out your bag, you can always drop off your bag at the store and we will have it delivered to you on your next scheduled date if possible.

Delivery Location

You can choose where in your home your clothes will be picked up and delivered.


Easy Payment Options

You can set up monthly automatic billing to your credit card for greater convenience.  Due to COVID-19 shortages, delivery orders under $25.00 will incur a $8.00 fee

per delivery. 

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